What is Phytophthora Dieback:

  • It’s a significant plant and tree disease across southern Australia, NZ and other countries where environmental conditions are suitable. It’s caused by a microscopic, soil-borne pathogen that was accidentally introduced to Australia. It impacts and kills many susceptible native trees, plants, garden plants and fruit trees.
  • There are many things that can kill plants such as insects, drought, water-logging, fire and other diseases. However, Phytophthora’s are widespread and considered one of the worst problems!
  • It spreads easily in infested soil, organic material (plant roots) and water.

How to manage Phytophthora Dieback disease  CONTACT BARK

Consult a Dieback Interpreter who is skilled to detect and map any Dieback on your land. Plus we can provide you with site-specific recommendations to:

  • Stop the disease spreading further and killing more plants and trees.
  • Prevent existing plants and trees from dying.
  • Minimise the risk of the disease spreading further.

For help on your land  CONTACT BARK who provides:

  • Qualified Scientists
  • Registered/Experienced Dieback Interpreters
  • Licensed Pesticide Technicians
  • WA Health Department Licensed Business